VI Athletes to represent the territory at the 2019 Caribbean Developmental Championships (CDC)

By: Mashuana Lake-Farrington

A team of 11 persons from the Virgin Islands Archery Association will be departing the territory on June 27, 2019 to compete in the III Annual Caribbean Developmental Championships, which will take place from June 28 through June 30, 2019 in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. This is the largest delegation to compete in these championships to date, as the sport continues to recover from the events of 2017.

The delegation includes:

The Caribbean Developmental Championships (CDC), which had its début in Puerto Rico in February 2017, was created by World Archery to be used as a stepping stone to springboard athletes from beginner and intermediate level into the world ranking events. It inspires and prepares athletes to take part in the sport and get a feel for international competition. The championships will bring together athletes from countries including The Bahamas, The Virgin Islands (UK), Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts & Nevis, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Patrick Smith, who is the National Head Coach and President was asked about what he expects of the team in Santo Domingo, he stated that “I want all gold medals and records and for the kids to meet some friends that they will love and cherish forever”.

When the captain of the team was asked about what she expects out of the tournament in Santo Domingo, Miss
Javlyn Frett, who will be competing for the first time regionally, had this to say “I hope to accomplish an 8.0 average at the competition”. When the same question was asked of the youngest junior athletes, Kasadiyah Baird (9) and Jaydian Fahie (10) both stated that they were “very nervous”.

The board of Governors of the VIAA will like to say a special thank you to the BVI Olympic Committee for their
financial contribution to the tournament, and a heartfelt thank you to all parents and sponsors that dug deep into their purses in order to support our athletes. This could not be possible without your support.

photo credit Cleave M Farrington

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