Shooting for Scholarships – VI NASP Nationals 2019

The aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria may have prevented VI NASP Nationals 2018 but the young archers were keen to get back in gear and practice for the VI NASP Nationals of 2019. Two schools went head to head on Friday the 26th of April for the chance to win CASH scholarships, title of  ‘top school’ and ‘top five boys and girls overall’. These schools were Bregardo Flax and the VI School of Technical Studies who teamed up with students from the Elmore Stoutt High School. With a total of $10,000 USD, sponsored by Kobre and Kim (BVI), Caribbean Security and National Bank on the line, arrows soared. 

Our top team of 2019 goes to the team from VI Technical School with a total score of  2214/3600. Each member wins $150 in Cash Scholarships.

Congratulations to our top boys and girls for the VI NASP® 2019. We look forward to next year and who will take the top positions. 

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