VIAA Rules


VI Archery Association Club Rules

1. Range Officer:

Each practice will have a designated range officer that will call out the various range commands.

2. Range Commands: The following four commands are used on the range:

i) GET BOWS: This signals that archers can now approach the shooting line and take up shooting positions. Arrows are to remain in their quivers at this point. This gives everyone a chance to settle into their shooting stance and gives the range officer a last chance to verify that the range is in fact clear (hence the arrows remaining in their quivers rule).

ii) SHOOT: Archers may commence shooting. The range officer may determine how many arrows may be shot per round (3 0r 6) and if the range is ‘empty’ up to 9 or 12.

iii) GO GET ARROWS: This is the all-clear signal. Archers may now travel down-range to their targets to retrieve their arrows. This is only called once everyone has finished shooting their arrows, stepped back from the line and put down their bows. Shooters are able to cross the shooting line only after this command is given.

iv) EMERGENCY: This is an emergency command to stop. Everyone is required to cease shooting immediately (even if fully drawn and just about to shoot) and place their arrows in their quiver until an all-clear is given.

3. Dry-firing:

A bow is only drawn with an arrow nocked and the bow is pointed safely down range. To shoot a bow without an arrow nocked is called a dry fire and can harm the shooter, the equipment or someone else.

4. No smoking, alcohol, loud music will be allowed on the range

Please turn all cell phones on silent or vibrate.

5. Appropriate Dress

Appropriate attire must be worn while on the shooting line. Clothing must be comfortable and allow free movement but not too loose as to interfere with the string from the bow.

6. Consequences

Any member not adhering to these rules may be brought before the committee. Penalties will be determined by a committee and may include but not limited to suspensions, fines and termination of membership.

World Anti-Doping Code – (WADA)

The Code is a core document that provides the framework for anti-doping policies,rules, and regulations within sport organizations and among public authorities. It is designed to harmonize anti-doping policies and ensure the standards are the same for all athletes.