Bulls-Eye Brilliance: Recap of the Thrilling 2024 VI NASP National Championship

We’ve just wrapped up the thrilling 2024 VI NASP National Championship, where a whopping $12,000 US Dollars has been handed out to our top-notch archers! Picture this: May 26th, 2024, Ciboney School of Excellence set the stage for our annual showdown. Despite the scorching 86-degree weather (feeling more like 96!), students from six local schools brought their A-game, vying not just for prizes but also CASH scholarships. With newcomers like Claudia Creque, SDA School and Enis Adams, alongside the return of VI Technical School, anticipation was sky-high for fresh faces and fierce competition.

The day kicked off at 9 AM sharp, with arrows flying at 10 AM. Amidst two flights containing three rounds of intense shooting at both 10 and 15 meters, punctuated by a much-needed lunch break and an exhilarating exhibition, spectators got a taste of the archery action firsthand and the feel for shooting at a 3d Bear, Buck and scorpion. The final arrow in the first part of the competition was released at 3:15 PM, capping off a day filled with tension and triumph.


The real nail-biting moment came with the scholarship shoot-off, where the top five boys and girls battled it out. This year, we saw rising stars like Kasadiyah Baird and Xiamara Jessop from Seventh Day Adventist school making waves alongside returning champions like Ava Ghiorse and Kellyann Tillack in the Top five girls.

Ava Ghiorse emerged victorious overall, clinching not just the top girl title but also the overall top archer of 2024! With a score of 253, she secured $1500 gaining 2nd place in the shoot off and a well-deserved place in the annals of archery history. Hot on her heels, Kellyann Tillack nabbed second place overall with a commendable score of 242, earning $1080 for 3rd place in the shoot off, for her efforts.

Let us remember Kasadiyah Baird, whose stunning performance landed her in third place overall. In a dramatic shoot-off, she clinched first place, pocketing a whopping $2280 for her college fund! While Xiamara Jessop and Keslin Gurley, our last two top girls didn’t clinch top spots, their efforts were duly rewarded with scholarships of $660 (4th Place) and $480 (5th Place) respectively.

As for the boys, the competition was just as fierce. With familiar faces like Nicholas and Benjamin Moore alongside newcomers like Ethan Ismael of SDA School, the battlefield was set. In a twist of fate, Nicholas clinched the overall top spot with a score of 248, while his brother Benjamin followed closely behind with 247. But it was Benjamin, senior at Ciboney school who stole the show in the shoot-off, securing a hefty scholarship of $2280, much to the delight of his father!

Meanwhile, Sheylon Brown held his own, clinching third place with a score of 235, and Ethan Ismael and Valentin Zaherenbelnyj battled it out for fourth and fifth place, resulting in a thrilling one-arrow shoot-off. In the end, Valentin emerged victorious, securing $660, leaving Ethan with $480.


Top Girls

Top Boys

Divisional Awards

And let’s not forget our Divisional Awards, where new faces took center stage, clinching trophies and medals alongside the coveted Genesis Top Archer Bow. Excitement, tension, and triumph filled the air, making the 2024 VI NASP National Championship a truly unforgettable event!

Girls Elementary Division

1st Place Ciel Fox of Ciboney Institute

2nd Place Emma John of Ciboney Institute

Boys Elementary Division

1st Place – Caleb Joseph – Enis Adams Primary School

2nd Place – Kai Seffer – Ciboney Institute

Girls Middle School Division

1st Place – Ava Ghiorse – Cedar School

2nd Place – Kasadiyah Baird – SDA School

Boys Middle School Division

1st Place –  Keandre Matthew – SDA School

2nd Place –  Justin Potter – Claudia Creque School

Girls High School Division

1st Place – Kellyann Tillack – Ciboney

2nd Place –   Kaslin Gurley – SDA School

Boys High School Division

1st Place – Nicholas Moore – Ciboney Institute

2nd Place – Benjamín Moore – Ciboney Institute

This competition isn’t just any archery event—it’s the crown jewel of our annual calendar, and this year, we were thrilled to welcome a total of 31 talented students to the fray. None of this would be possible without the unwavering support of our incredible sponsors. Caribbean Security and Kobre & Kim have been the backbone of our scholarship program, which is generously matched by US NASP®’s contribution to create a whopping $12,000 prize pool! And let’s not forget the invaluable assistance of Unite BVI, whose ongoing support ensures that our scholarship program continues to flourish, extending its reach even to next year’s National Tournament.

But it’s not just about the prizes—it’s about making sure our young archers can get to the competition hassle-free. That’s where Speedy’s comes in, providing essential ferry rides for our youth. And a special shoutout to Mr. Greg Levons for going above and beyond, ensuring that our Anegada family could join in the excitement. With limited ferry service to Anegada, his support was nothing short of monumental, allowing the children to participate and savor every moment of the event.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the dedication of our supporters, the hard work of our staff, and the unwavering encouragement of all the parents involved. Your contributions transformed this event into a resounding success, and for that, we extend our deepest gratitude.

For those eager to dive into the rankings, head over to NASP(R) Tournaments or simply download the NASP Portal app for all the details where you can follow your favorite schools and archers. To those already looking ahead to next year’s tournament, we’re already hard at work planning an even more thrilling event! If you’d like to lend a hand or offer your support, shoot an email over to the Secretary of VI Archery at secretary@archeryvi.org. And for those curious about NASP®, be sure to visit www.naspschools.org for all the info you need to get involved. For past Newsletters Click HERE.

The excitement never stops in the world of archery, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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