NASP(R) Unveils First-Ever Annual Review

The National Archery in the Schools Program is growing like never before! The strong partnerships with state agencies, conservation organizations and thousands of schools across many jurisdictions continue to spread in-school archery.  To showcase this growth, NASP® is proud to release its first-ever Annual Report. This publication is intended to provide a more in-depth and graphically based look into the current success of the 22-year-old organization. NASP® is devoted to its mission of supporting the work of educators while growing the sport of archery. NASP continues to collect and utilize data to make decisions to introduce more young people to the sport. This report is intended to be a one-stop reference for partners, current and future participants, as well as anyone who wants to know more about NASP®!

NASP® president Tommy Floyd said, “NASP® is so proud of our first Annual Report. We know that what we are doing is great for students, educators and families!  We believe it is a great example of what the shooting sports are doing for young people across our country and beyond. When you consider the scale at which we continue to operate, it illustrates the exponential power of what partnerships can accomplish for kids! My heartfelt thanks to all of our many partners and supporters who simply want to see more students shooting archery.”

“Many top shooting sports organizations share information regarding their success. One such organization is the USA Clay Target League. It was conversations with President John Nelson that led NASP® to want to capture and share similar information. From those conversations, and with reference to what other organizations put out, the idea for the NASP® Annual Report was born.  We believe this is a great way to tell our story, encompassing the full year, and showing the value NASP® brings to the education system, and to the shooting sports.”

“We know that school leaders are looking for ways to engage students and improve school cultures. They might hear about NASP® and then ask, how can I learn more about them? We think our annual report represents an in-depth graphical way to show just how NASP® continues to change lives. For the educator, the parent, or someone interested in giving back and getting involved as a volunteer; we wanted this report to provide a snapshot of the power of partnerships in our success.”

“It is indeed a great time to be a part of NASP®!”

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