New Archers represent at their first International Competition


A young team of new archers with ages ranging from 9 – 22 has traveled to the Dominican Republic to represent at the 3 Annual Caribbean Developmental Championships. All competing in the beginners and Exceptional categories are doing a wonderful job and representing the Virgin Islands. After an extremely hot day of Qualifications we have a total of 5 Gold medals and two silver.


As per the experience as Jameel Jones described his first competitions after one a few months, ‘I am happy for the experience, it shows me how much work I need to do’. After realizing how fatigue can set it at a tournament and how much endurance is required to push through until the end he is satisfied with his performance for the day and looking towards the next day of Individual Eliminations and Mixed team rounds where he will be shooting with Lucia Cordero of the Dominican Republic.

Other mixed team competitors will be as follows:

K;Maury Pickering and Kendise Brewley – both from the Virgin Islands

K’Mouy Pickering from the Virgin Islands and Esterlina Alverez of the Dominican Republic

Creightlee Brewlee from the Virgin Islands and Tatjana Salud of St. Kitts and Nevis and

Javlyn Frett from the Virgin Islands and Robert Singh of Guyana

Our prayers are with our young athletes as they represent the Virgin Islands.

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