2022 National Archery in the Schools National Tournament

National Archery in the Schools National Tournament held on Friday, May 20, 2022, at the HLSCC College Campus
The recently concluded National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Nationals saw the participation of 22
students from 2 schools in the territory, being Ciboney Center for Excellence in Virgin Gorda and Cedar International
on Tortola.

This year we were able to give $12,200.00 in scholarship proceeds, trophies, plaques, and medallions. Two prize
bows were awarded to the top boy and the top girl. To date, the program has awarded $52,200.00 in Scholarship

Girls Placement Name School Amount won
1st Place & Top Girl Eva Fox Ciboney Center $ 2,160.00
2nd Place Eva Carey Cedar International $ 1,620.00
3rd Place Ava Ghiorse Cedar International $ 730.00
4th Place Emily Tupper Cedar International $ 525.00
5th Place Khalia Sergeant Cedar International $ 465.00

Boys Placement Name School Amount won
1st Place & Top Boy Valentin Zahrebelnyj Ciboney Center $ 2,160.00
2nd Place Benjamin Moore Ciboney Center $ 1,620.00
3rd Place Sheylon Brown Ciboney Center $ 730.00
4th Place Nicholas Moore Ciboney Center $ 525.00
5th Place Noah Cottreau Cedar International $ 465.00

Eva Fox, who won Top Girl, was interviewed by Dean the Sportsman Greenaway and asked if she was surprised to
win. She stated that she “was surprised to win because these other girls are really good and I think they are
awesome.” When asked how long she has been in Archery she said “about two years”. When asked, what she
thought about today, she responded by saying “Today was fun and I got to meet new people.” He asked her what
helped her win the title and she said it was because of “my mom, my coach supporting me and my friends over
there”. Lastly, when asked whether she expected to walk away with $2,160? She said, “not at all”.
When Eva Carey who was able to secure second place was interviewed and asked if she was surprised, she said
“very” “because everyone here is really amazing that I thought I would not do this well.” When asked, what helped
her to get second place, she said “I think my coaches, my friends to support me but also my mentality. I just kept
thinking, I can do this, I can do this and I think that really helped.” “she will be back next year, definitely.”
Dean interviewed the daughter of a cyclist, Ava Ghiorse of Cedar, and asked her if she was surprised to secure third
place. She said that she was “extremely surprised” and “Everyone had really good ability with the bow, so I was just not
expecting it.” “I have been doing Archery for 1 year”. When asked whether she expected to win $730 when she
came here. She said, “no, it’s a lot less than my dad won in his cycling career, that he told me.”
This year’s top boy, Valentin Zahrebelnyj from Ciboney, defended his title. When asked by Dean the sportsman
whether he was surprised by his win, he had this to say. “Actually, yes.” I thought my teammate Benjamin Moore
would get it, I think he deserves it a lot because he worked hard for it also.” When asked how difficult it was to
defend his title? He responded by saying, “it was pretty difficult, there were some pretty good people on the field and
putting up some pretty good numbers out there.” When asked how long he has been involved in Archery? He stated
“3 years now.”

Benjamin Moore was interviewed next, when it was mentioned that he did not paint the top spot but whether he
was surprised to finish second, he said “yes, better than last time.” When asked, what it was like to win $1,620? He
responded by saying “it is a lot of money for my age at least”.
Sheylon Brown, who finished third place, said that “for me, it is a shock because I did not do so well last time. I
finished 5th place” “I am happy I got the chance to win scholarship money”.
This year had an additional twist to it, with a lucky scholarship dip for four students in the amount of $300 each. The
recipients who won were Emily Tupper of Cedar, Noah Fox from Ciboney, Ava Ghiorse from Cedar, and Valentin
Zahrebelnyj from Ciboney.

The NASP National Coordinator, Ritseeniyah Georges, was interviewed by Dean the Sportsman Greenaway. He
wanted to know, where were the public schools and why there are only two schools competing this year. Ms.
Georges responded by saying that “we can only work with the schools, who are utilizing the program as part of their
in-school PE curriculum.” Once Archery is taught within a school system, that school becomes eligible to compete in the
NASP National Tournament. This program is geared toward encouraging the archers to continue education after their high
school graduation.
The schools that have participated in the program to date are Ciboney Educational Centre in Virgin Gorda, Cedar International,
Elmore Stoutt High School, VI School of Technical Studies, and the Bregardo Flax Secondary School in Virgin Gorda.
We wish to thank our annual sponsors of this program, Kobre & Kim (BVI) LP and Caribbean Security, without whose
continued support, we would not have scholarship monies to distribute.
Also, we appeal to our community to support our multi-talented youth in their pursuit of tertiary education. You
can contact the Association through our website www.archeryvi.org, and indicate that you wish to be an annual
sponsor, which will see the amount of monies awarded increased.

Photo credit: Cleave M. Farrington DBA C M Farrington Photography

Mashauna A. Lake-Farrington, Acting Public Relations Officer, Virgin Islands Archery Association.
Cell/Whatsapp: (284) 341 2680 | Email: mlake-farrington@ archeryvi.org

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