Zombie Apocalypse Oct 31 2015


The VIAA presents a tactical, live action, video game like zombie shooting experience, Zombie Apocalypse! You and your team will use archery equipment to clear apocalyptic and infested areas where the un-dead have invaded. You will need to navigate your way through on coming infectious zombies and make the right choices when encountering survivalists, are they friend or foe? The weapons you will be using are actual archery bow and arrows. The arrows are foam point, safety arrows designed for body shots.

There will be zombie props and real live action zombies. Chest shots are required to “Kill” a zombie. Beware! Some zombies may need to be hit more than once to be killed. Chest shots are required to “Kill” a zombie.

Wearing your end of the world clothing and gear is encouraged as is listening closely to your orders; your survival may depend on it. You will be immersed in an apocalyptic nightmare world where survival is your only goal. Thank you for Registering. Please Submit payment before the event.


Stay Tuned for Rules and other clues……….