Patrick Smith

VIAA Coach
Sage Mountain, Tortola

An IT Technician by profession and an avid sport fan and athlete, Patrick ‘Trix” Smith was always interested in archery, so much so that he used to build his bows using a local tree, (Wild Tamarind) and heavy lb, nylon fishing line, with bamboo arrows.
His love for the sport really took off when he made contact with David Foster, who ironically works on the same campus, but a different institution.
Patrick will shoot whatever he gets his hand on, Recurve, compound or long bow but his true love is the Recurve. He is passionate about the sport and shares what he knows with all. He especially loves teaching the kids and teens but anyone who is willing to learn can absorb from him.
His future plan for the sport is to have the sport integrated into the school system, develop a quality Olympic program and to become an Olympic caliber coach.
In the meantime, he will just enjoy learning as much as he can and teaching all that he has learned.
You can find him most Saturdays on the grounds of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College…

“Pulling ‘em back and letting ‘em fly!”


Certifications & Memberships

NASP® Basic Archery Instructor Trainer