“Kayara Smith and Darnell Garcia Secure medals in Qualifications for BVI Archery Team”

It’s wonderful to hear that the BVI Archery Team performed well on the first day of the Caribbean Developmental Championships, securing 2nd and 3rd place in their divisions for the qualifications rounds. Kayara Smith and Darnell Garcia’s, respectively, achievements in their respective divisions are certainly commendable.

The importance of the qualification rounds in determining the elimination round brackets and positioning for the pursuit of the gold medal cannot be overstated. It’s clear that a strong performance in qualifications sets the stage for success in the subsequent rounds.

The competition sounds exciting, and I wish the BVI Archery Team the best of luck as they continue to compete in the Individual Eliminations, Team Matches, and vie for both gold and bronze medals on the 1st of October. May their hard work and dedication lead to further success in the championship!

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