Passionate Pastor Steps Up to Revive Archery Program at Bregardo Flax Secondary School

A sudden shift in PE teachers at Bregardo Flax Secondary School resulted in the suspension of their beloved archery program, leaving many students heartbroken. However, the program’s revival is now in the hands of a passionate pastor, Greg, who recognized the program’s benefits and stepped forward to ensure its continuation. With a determination to bring back the excitement and joy that the program once brought to the students, Pastor Greg volunteered to become a certified Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) and is now gearing up to restart the program in September 2023.

The Departure of Mr. Barrett and a Halted Program:

Due to the reshuffling of PE teachers within the educational system, Carl Barrett, the previous PE teacher and BAI of Bregardo Flax Secondary School, was transferred to another school. This unforeseen change resulted in the temporary halt of the school’s archery program, leaving students, who had grown fond of the sport, disheartened.

Pastor Greg’s Determination to Make a Difference:

Recognizing the significant impact the archery program had on students and the enthusiasm it generated, Pastor Greg decided to take action. Having witnessed firsthand the level of involvement and excitement on the faces of the children under Mr. Barrett’s guidance, Pastor Greg was inspired to do whatever he could to reinstate the program. With unwavering determination, he reached out to the Coordinator, expressing his desire to revitalize the archery program at Bregardo Flax Secondary School.

Taking on the Role of a BAI:

Driven by a passion to keep the archery program alive, Pastor Greg volunteered to become a certified Basic Archery Instructor (BAI). He understood that to make a difference and bring back the program to the school, he needed the necessary training and skills to teach archery effectively. On the 8th of May, he successfully completed the BAI certification process, setting the stage for the program’s revival.

Planning for a Thriving Archery Program:

With his newly acquired certification in hand, Pastor Greg has wasted no time in getting the archery program back on track. He is currently in the process of arranging for the equipment to be brought back to the school, and he is actively planning to commence the program in September 2023. The excitement and anticipation among the students are palpable as they look forward to the return of their cherished archery classes.

Acknowledging the Value of the Program:

Coordinator Georges expressed her appreciation for individuals like Pastor Greg who recognize the tremendous value of the archery program and take the initiative to ensure its continuity. With the program set to benefit a new generation of students, the Coordinator emphasizes the positive impact it can have on students’ lives, fostering not only physical skills but also instilling discipline, focus, and self-confidence.

Thanks to the dedication and passion of Pastor Greg, the archery program at Bregardo Flax Secondary School is set to make a grand return. His selfless act of becoming a certified BAI showcases the power of individuals who recognize the significance of extracurricular programs and are willing to go the extra mile to make a positive difference in students’ lives. As the program gears up to resume in September 2023, it holds the promise of creating lasting memories and inspiring the next generation of archery enthusiasts.

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