“VI NASP Tournament Grows, Total of $40,000 Awarded”

6th March, 2020

Archery is growing in the Virgin Islands and this is the 3rd National Archery in the Schools Tournament. 40 students registered to compete on the 3rd of March, 2020. The schools that participated this year were Ciboney Educational Centre, Elmore Stoutt High School, VI School of Technical Studies and Bregardo Flax Secondary. While the need for equipment prevents most of our schools from participating, the ones that do get the chance to practice for the chance to win CASH scholarships that are awarded to the top archers. These scholarships are provided by annual sponsors that support the “On Target For Life” Scholarship program. The program is geared toward encouraging the archers to continue education after their high school graduation. “Our annual Sponsors that make this possible have been Caribbean Security and Kobre & Kim (BVI)” says the country Coordinator Ritseeniyah Georges. “This opportunity brings another level of focus to the youth. This gives them something that they can work for and earn to provide for their futures and teaches them a valuable lesson in return.”

The program’s first National tournament took place in 2017 where the biggest number of students attended and the total CASH prize of $20,000 was up for grabs. Since the hurricanes of 2017, the numbers have been steadily growing while schools find the funds to get replacement equipment and get back into the program. “More schools have approached us, and we do our best to assist with funding so they can get their programs started,” says Ms. Georges. In total, the program has awarded a total of $40,000 since its first Nationals in 2017.

This year all archers competed only on an individual basis and we had some new winners that placed in the top five positions. Two newcomers that hailed from Ciboney School created shock amongst the veteran archers.

Aman Bispham: Photo Credit: Cleave Farrington

Ms. Aman Bispham, an 8th grader won the top girl position and took the $2,150.00 CASH scholarship prize this year.

Valentin Zahrebelnyj: Photo Credit by Cleave Farrington

In our top 5 boys, while the 1st place position was taken by Jordan Dawson, an archer that has competed before and has been a member on the national archery team, the second-place position was taken by Valentin Zahrebelnyj, a 6th grader who started in archery in September 2019. His Cash prize was a total of $1250.00. These scholarships will stay in a bank account until the student graduates from high school and has successfully registered into a post-secondary accredited institution. This allows these archers the opportunity to continue competing and adding funds each year.

With more sponsors supporting our “On Target for Life” scholarship program, we would be able to offer more CASH scholarships to our young athletes and have a greater impact on their futures.

For the list of all our winners please see below.

Divisional Awards

Elementary Female Division Elementary Male Division
Zara Jones – 1st Place

Eva Fox – 2nd Place

Nicholas Moore – 1st Place

Sheylon Brown  – 2nd Place

Middle School Female Division Middle School Male Division
Aman Bispham – 1st Place Valentin Zahrebelnyj –  1st Place

Benjamin Moore – 2nd Place

Noah Fox – 3rd Place

High School Female Division High School Male Division
Michaela Potter – 1st Place

Kendise Brewley – 2nd Place

Kizzel Nape – 3rd Place

Jordan Dawson – 1st Place

David Persaud – 2nd Place

Roiley Christopher – 3rd Place

Summary of scholarship winners:

Top Five Girls and Top Five Boys


Position Amount:
Aman Bispham 1st Place Female $2,150.00
Micheala Potter 2nd Place Female $1,250.00
Kendise Brewley 3rd Place Female $700.00
Kizzel Nape 4th Place Female $550.00
Garricia Stapleton 5th Place Female $350.00
Jordan Dawson 1st Place Male $2,150.00
Valentin Zahrevelnyj 2nd Place Male $1,250.00
David Persaud 3rd Place Male $700.00
Roiley Christopher 4th Place Male $550.00
Khailic Georges-Cruz 5th Place Male $350.00

Michaela Potter: Photo Credit – Cleave Farrington

David Persaud: Photo Credit – Cleave Farrington

Kendise Brewley: Photo Credit – Cleave Farrington

Jordan Dawson: Photo Credit – Cleave Farrington

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