“NASP®’s 3rd Annual Western Tournament to see Record-Breaking Attendance!”

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“NASP®’s 3rd Annual Western Tournament to see Record-Breaking Attendance!”

March 5, 2020

By: Brittany Jones

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The great state of Utah, known for receiving more than 500 inches of snowfall per year, will be seeing less snow and more archery gear, as the National Archery in the School Program (NASP®) prepares to kick off the 2020 Western National Tournament this spring, April 24th-25th at the Mountain America Center in Sandy, Utah. Archers out West have been practicing and honing their skills all year in preparation for this anticipated and prestigious event. In 2019, more than 1200 archers competed in this event, and more are expected to participate this year– breaking the record for attendance from years past.  Kevin Dixon, Program Director for NASP@ says, “We are very excited about the third NASP® Western National and it’s return to Mountain America Center in Sandy, Utah.  The 2020 NASP® Western national will be the largest and best one to date. It will take up the entire Mountain America Center and include NASP® Bullseye and NASP® IBO 3-D practice areas. All of us at NASP® are looking forward to seeing everyone from previous events and all those that will participate for the first time. See you there.”


Archers, coaches, families, and other spectators can expect the same range set-up from past tournaments with six competitive, one-hour flights, for both Friday and Saturday of the tournament. Award ceremonies will be held after the last flight on Saturday, the 25th. Individual and team awards will be presented to the top scorers just like at the Eastern tournament, to include 1st-5th place boys and girls, 1st-3rd place teams, and overall and runner up boy and girl. The highest-ranking boys and girls (from both Western and Eastern Nationals) will be invited to the Open & Championship Scholarship Shoot-Off for a chance at winning a share of the $110,000+ in scholarship money NASP® will award at sunny Daytona Beach, Florida, June 11-13.

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For individual archers and archery teams who advance from state-level, pre-registration for the tournaments will run March 9th-April 5th. Pre-registration can be completed at www.nasptournaments.org. For more information regarding the Western and Eastern Nationals, and the Open & Championship, you can visit www.nasptournaments.org. Good luck to all NASP® archers preparing for NASP®’s Western Tournament!

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