A New Mile Stone for VI Archery Team

A new mile stone for the VI Archery Team is made as the team returns from their first International World Ranking event in the Dominican Republic. The Copa Merengue Archery Tournament, held in the Dominican Republic from the 2nd of April until the 8th of April was the second and last qualifier for the CAC games for Archery.

Flags for Participating Countries

With a team of three archers, the VI Archery team competed with great determination that displayed the pride of the Virgin Islands. With the lost of a secure practice area due to Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria, the team has been practicing in the E Brewley Softball Field. While sharing a field with person traversing the field  between the archers and targets, and other distractions, the team pushed on working towards the goal of securing a spot for the CAC Games.


While they missed the mark by one or two spots, the team will receive the final decision for CAC games in May.

Ritseeniyah Georges on the shooting line. Official Practice

Winnette Lawrence & Jahmaine Liburd walking the BVI Flag in the procession.

Winnette Lawrence on the Shooting Line – Official Practice

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Copa Merengue Archery Tournament 2018

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