Halloween Zombie Apocalypse Shootout



Want something different to do this weekend? Here’s something new, fun and interesting to try for Halloween 2015, but you need to get registered by Friday!!

The BVI Archery Association is launching its inaugural Halloween Zombie apocalypse live action shoot out on Saturday. The event will run from 1-4 p.m.

“For you to find out where it will be, you have to register for the event,” association secretary Ritseeniyah Georges explained. “Basically, someone can come with their team of five members or they can come as individuals and join a team. There’s a whole plot. There are some students who will need to be rescued and you will have to get through certain obstacles to get to the students and there are going to be live moving Zombies that you have to get through, get in and get out.”

Georges said participants will be using their archery equipment during the event. There’s a $20 per person registration fee which basically covers the equipment and entry into the game. All the information can be found on the association’s website www.archerybvi.org and there’s a registration form that can be downloaded for participants to register.

“This is really, really going to be fun and at the same time, the whole point of it – because everything has a learning curve – is basically to teach the archers how to remain calm and still hit their target even while under pressure,” Georges pointed out.

The Halloween event is a lead up to a tournament in St. Croix in December, Georges noted. This tournament will also have participants from Puerto Rico and other islands. There was a friendly competition between the BVI and US Virgin Islands Archery Associations. The upcoming event will feature both compound and traditional archers and between seven and 10 BVI participants will make the trek.

“This will be our first tournament and we will all be newbie’s in regards to competing,” Georges pointed out. “We have some members that have hunted in the USA but that’s different than actually competing.”

In August, BVI Archery Association members were trained to train others and several private schools – including First Impression and St. Georges have asked that their teachers be trained, as archery will be incorporated as part of their curriculum. Cedar School already has an archery trained Phys Ed teacher.

“Within the next month or so, we should be training another set of basic archery instructors,” Georges said. “We have such a large amount of people coming out that we need more instructors. We wanted to get the government schools involved, as well, as we have so many students from the primary and high schools that are very interested, but going through government has been a little challenge with their timelines and such.”


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