VIAA VP June Update


Quick update. I just got a call from NASP and the dates we will be working with, August 25-27th. We will hope to have all the equipment and training materials in beforehand. We need to have at least 12 but no more than 16 teachers for this program. If the time is not convenient for the masses, members of the VIAA will be able to train them at a later date.

Our plan is visit some of the schools throughout the territory and give a presentation. We will walk with some equipment and allow teachers and students the opportunity to shoot. The NASP program, is geared towards classes 4 through high school. NASP’s main purpose is to provide each child, the opportunity get be involved in the sport, regardless of financial background. NASP is willing to give a $650 discount to the first 6 schools to be enrolled in the program. VIAA will try and assist as best we can to help schools in securing their own equipment.

Our goal goes beyond the PE curriculum. It is our intention to set up meets between the schools, having events in the various districts allowing schools to benefit from fund raisers. It is during these events, we will closely monitor those students with the highest scores to choose out junior national team.

The VIAA board, along with the ministry of education with set out some guidelines for making the team. This information will be sent out once we come to an agreement on the criteria. It is our hope that at least 1 teacher will be assigned to each school so that we do not over work our PE teachers. In addition to the regular PE sessions, we will be running sessions on Saturdays. There will be a nominal cost but there will be extra and personalized training that students may not receive during the regular class sessions. We are continually working to get a world class program in place to provide the best opportunity possible for our children’s future. We have a number of plans we are currently working on and updates will be sent out periodically, as the school system will play a vital part in molding our young archers.

If you would like to be kept up to date please inbox me your email address and I will be sure to add you to our mailing list.

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