Mashauna Lake-Farrington

VIAA Treasurer
West End Tortola

Like you, Mashauna Lake-Farrington is an archery enthusiast, who thinks a bow and arrow is just simply awe-inspiring and a drawn bow is beauty personified.

Mashauna is a self proclaimed chocolate-holic at heart who has been practicing on a Sammick Sage take-down bow for about four months but whose love for archery and the precision of the sport has spanned several years.

Mashauna, has been fortunate to stumble upon a core group of like-minded fanatics, and assisted in forming the VI Archery Association who has blown open the door of possibilities for archery in the VI, she was elected to serve as the Treasurer. They embrace the full nature and raw passion of the sport by contributing training, technical know-how and mentor-ship to her development in the sport that has helped to mold her into the archer she is today.

In the future, Mashauna is aiming to graduate to shoot at further distances, maybe even compete and one day stand on the world’s greatest stage, the Olympics.


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NASP® Basic Archery Instructor Trainer

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