The National Archery in the Schools Program recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and the involvement of over 20 million students in the program since inception in 2002.  NASP® is tremendously excited about the upcoming national tournament series planned for the spring of 2023.  States from across the country are busy planning and preparing for their state tournaments and national qualifiers, so that students can compete in some of the largest and safest archery tournaments in the country.

The 2023 national tournament series will begin with the Western National Tournament to be held at the Mountain America Center in Sandy, Utah on April 28-29; followed by the Eastern National Tournament to be held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky on May 11-13. The series of national-level competitions will culminate with the Open Championship Tournament to be held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on June 8-10.  Each tournament will include bullseye as well as the IBO 3-D Challenge competition.

Top teams and individuals will again be selected from the combined results of both   national tournaments to compete in the Open Championship event.  Top male and female individual winners from the combined results of both national tournaments will again compete for the NASP® Scholarship Shoot-Off to be held at the end of the Open Championship Tournament.

In addition to the traditional individual and team scholarships that are awarded at the national events, NASP® is delighted to announce its plans to continue awarding up to 120 additional $500 bullseye scholarships to be awarded randomly to tournament participants. Simply competing will be “the” requirement for possibly being selected for a $500 award.  Upon graduation, archers can apply these funds to any post-secondary educational or training program of their choice.

NASP® President Tommy Floyd said, “NASP® experienced one of our most successful years ever in 2022. Our program continues to grow, and we are reminded often about the impact that NASP® makes wherever it lands.  These national tournaments are the culminating events for thousands of student archers who have been practicing and competing since the fall.  It is so gratifying to again see the thousands of student-archers, coaches and NASP® families attending our large events.  Thanks to our generous sponsors, we will again be awarding a huge number of randomly selected scholarships at Western, Eastern and at the Open Championship tournaments.    There will be up to 120 students who will receive post-secondary financial support just for showing up to compete! Our NASP® sponsors are incredible and have made this type of opportunity possible for NASP® archers!”

In addition to the (120) $500 random awards, NASP® will continue to provide:

Team Scholarships – based on combined results from overall finished from both National Tournaments:

  • 1st place – $24,000 (24 team members @ $1000 each)
  • 2nd place – $18,000 (24 team members @ $750 each)
  • 3rd place – $12,000 (24 team members @ $500 each)

Individual Scholarship Shoot-off – Top 5 male and female finishers from combined results from both National Tournaments compete at the Open Championship Tournament:

  • 1st place – $5,000 Male & Female
  • 2nd place – $4,000 Male & Female
  • 3rd place – $3,000 Male & Female
  • 4th place – $2,000 Male & Female
  • 5th place – $1,000 Male & Female
  • Ties – $1,000 each is minimum per qualifying archer

For more information on each of these three events, please visit: – Posted 6th Februry

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